A property inspection is a limited and primarily visual, non-destructive, and non-technical examination (using normal operation controls where appropriate) of the applicable and readily accessible systems and components specified in the Home Inspection Authorization and Contract and Scope of Inspection and in the inspection report for adverse conditions. Only the visible and readily accessible portions of the specified systems and components will be inspected. A real estate home inspection is not a technical inspection or an engineering evaluation. Destructive testing and/or disassembly of materials or components, other than the removal of access covers intended to allow normal homeowner maintenance, is excluded. Barriers, carpet, walls, ceilings, tile, obstacles, personal goods or stored items are not removed or moved to gain access or to provide a clearer view.

A system or component performing its normally intended function or operation at the time of inspection does not ensure that it will continue to do so. Any system or component, regardless of age or use, can fail catastrophically at any time and without any indication of impending failure. The inspector cannot predict any future adverse conditions including but not limited to roof leaks, component failures, or the remaining service life of any applicable system or component. Therefore, the company is not responsible for and will not participate financially or in any other manner in the repair or replacement of any component included in the contractual scope of inspection which was performing its normally intended function or operation at the time of the inspection and which fails subsequent to the inspection.


A commercial inspection is a visual assessment of a property to help determine the current condition and safety. We work closely with each of our commercial customers to determine the scope of the inspection. Some of the items typically inspected are plumbing, electrical, grading, roofing, siding, windows and doors, landscaping, the parking lot, HVAC systems, and the foundation. Our inspections are done in general accordance with the internationally accepted standards for a baseline property condition assessment. A written report detailing the property’s current condition is provided. The report includes digital photographs of significant findings.